Africa has been described and documented as the richest continent on earth. Africa has also been described and documented as the home of some of the poorest people on earth. This shows a contradiction, but the contradiction does not question the wealth of Africa. It questions the abilities of Africans to do that which other peoples all over the world have been able to do: develop and enrich their lives.

Questioning the abilities of Africans is very easy and plays very nicely into the hands of racists, slave dealers, exploiters and fake scientists who time and time again have tried and failed to box in the African as something other than the human being God created. But the question that must be answered remains; why do the poorest people on earth live on the richest land on earth?

The Making of a Lesser Man is the film Mr. Ambe said he went to film school to learn how to make.

“Development is a process that has been interrupted in Africa for centuries”, Mr. Ambe explained.

“Even with all the progress made in the 20th century, and the efforts made to free the man in Africa, one stubborn obstacle persists. That obstacle is now well embedded into the very fabric of African life with disguises and determined to cripple the African forever.”

Mr. Ambe, a native of the former British Southern Cameroons, explains: “I have experienced the damage the French are causing in the British Southern Cameroons, in West Africa, after invading the country in 1961. When I read about other parts of Africa having similar problems with the same French, I knew we had a common enemy in Africa. It is then that I decided to learn more about the French and what I found I could not keep within me. That is when I decided that the rest of the world must also know the French for who they really are. The French are different from who they claim to be and very different from what the rest of the world know them to be.”

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